About Us - Music Macaron

What is Music Macaron?

Music Macaron is a platform that offers the miracle solution for any musical or sound demand, for both ready made or custom music.
Music Macaron is a platform that offers streamlined, high-quality music licensing for filmmakers and video creators, as well as any other need in sound such as Audio Logo, Brand Song, Voice Over, Sound Design, Call Centers, TV / Radio Spots, Waiting Room Sonorisation, Store Sonorisation, Web Sonorisation, Soundscapes and Music specially designed for specific Innovative Projects. (see more here)

What are your options ?

There are 2 main options: “Ready made music” or “Custom music”.

Ready made music

You can choose according to your needs:

1. Macaron Year License
Members with active subscriptions have full and unlimited access to the site’s entire Macaron musical catalog. The music is updated constantly with new music, making a subscription to Music Macaron continuously and consistently valuable.

2. Single Standard License
Your Single Standard license allows you to use the music in one web – based project and covers all sync and dubbing rights.

3. Single Premium License
Your Single Premium license allows you to use the music in one non-web advertisement or on revenue-generating content and covers all sync and dubbing rights.

Custom music

If you have a specific project (TV spot, corporate music, call center, CD production, store sonorisation, sound logo and more) we can make it happen and support the whole process.
See more options here (https://www.musicmacaron.com/custom-music/)

Who is Music Macaron designed for?

The site is designed and intended for everyone who is involved in video and film production as well as every company that needs music or a specific soundscape; or a Brand that needs Audio Branding Services.
See more about Audio Branding here (https://www.audioclusters.com)

For companies

The unlimited use subscription license makes Music Macaron the ideal source for all types for creators looking for the perfect soundtrack for their video and the affordable one-time price helps you focus on your production and not on your budget.

For advertising agencies & film makers

The custom music solution can support you on any kind of project and as we are publishers you can count on as with all the legal stuff and get the best prices.

For Brands

Audio branding describes the process of brand development and brand management using acoustic elements to achieve brand communication.

Audio branding is part of a multi-sensory brand communication process and holistic approach to corporate design.
See more about Audio Branding here (https://www.audioclusters.com)