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What is a Cue Sheet?

A cue sheet contains details of all the music used in an audio and/or visual production to be broadcasted on film or TV. Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) will use this cue sheet to identify which composers and publishers should receive performance royalties.

Without cue sheets and the dedication of PROs, it would be impossible for composers and publishers to be properly compensated for the broadcasting of their music.

Why are Cue Sheets Important?

Usually TV broadcasters pay a fixed amount to a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) for a license to broadcast shows with music. PROs use this licensing income to pay royalties to the composer and publisher of the music. There is normally no additional cost for you, the producer. All you need to do is to fill out cue sheets.

Cue sheets are a legal requirement and will allow our composers to receive their fair share for the public performance of their music.

As a producer, it is your responsibility to make sure your broadcaster has obtained a license from the applicable PRO, or to contact the PRO directly to confirm their public performance licensing requirements for your unique project.

Publisher and Composer Details

All publisher and composer information about our royalty-free music is available on demand at Please send us the title of the music track and we will reply with all the necessary cue sheet information.