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Music Request Information

1. Length of Composition

2. Looped

(able to repeat seamlessly over and over) or Non-Looped

3. Choose all Usages that apply

Web / InternetPowerpoint / MultimediaTV Show / Documentary / NewsTV Commercial / AdvertisingPodcastingFilmDVD / VideoTradeshow / Live AdvertisingRadioOn HoldRetail / Restaurant / Hotel

4. Exclusive or Non-Exclusive License

(Exclusive means that you will have the sole rights to use the music for one year. If you need exclusivity for a larger period please contact us. Non-exclusive means we can re-license the music to other customers on Music Macaron.)


5. Genre

6. Mood

7. Vocals

Non-Vocal or Sampled/Prerecorded Vocal or Choir ElementsLive Male Vocals *Live Female Vocals *Live Choir *
* we will provide a quote for this element separately. Cost depends on the performer(s) used.

8. Lyrics

No Lyrics or Sampled/Prerecorded Lyrics, Sampled Vocal ElementsThe client will Provide LyricsMusic Macaron will Write Lyrics

9. Speed/Tempo


10. Instruments Used

11. Enter a description/title of songs that sound similar (or copy/paste a link)

12. Delivery Format

MP3 (320 KBPS - broadcast quality)MP3 (128 KBPS - web quality)WaveAIFFMidi

13. Do you require the music track in multitrack format?


14. Delivery Time

Standard delivery time - Usually 2 weeks.Rush delivery 5 days

15. Contact Information

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