How to get the right songs or music for your ads?

How to get the right songs or music for your ads?

When making a commercial for Television, Radio or the Internet, you will always need good background music.

A catchy song is one of the most effective resources when it comes to selling!
Witch are the aspects to consider before the final decision ?

The first thing to know is that you cannot afford to use a song if you don’t have the proper use license.
If you use a song unlicensed you are facing the following risk:

  • Any social media platform can, without prior notice delete automatically the content that we have uploaded.
  • Any social media platform can disable your account if this situation is repeated over time.
  • Any publisher or artist canlegally pursue you for unauthorised use of music, with the disastrous consequences that such action would have on your company.

Fortunately today there are online solutions through which you can easily acquire music for your ads, like Music Macaron platform, that offers the miracle solution for any musical or sound demand, for both ready made or custom music.

But there are many questions that arouses, so let’s answer these questions one by one:

Can I use famous or well-known songs for my ad ?

It depends.
You could face any of the following situations:

  • Many famous singers or labels refuse to give up their rights for the use of their songs in some ads, just because they don’t want to associate its name with a particular brand or product.
  • Some give their songs for free.
  • Others claim large amounts of money for their usage.

Will I have to pay royalties or copyright fees ?

There is no price list, it always depends on what the label or author considers. Some can be free and there are others who can claim up to $100,000. The smartest thing to do is to always contact the publisher itself, their label or his/her representatives and just ask.

How can I get the license to use a well-known music or song ?

There are two ways:

  • One is to get in contact directly with the record company or artist in question, and ask about buying music rights.
  • On the other hand, you can also contact the Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O.) of your country.

Can I make a a cover of a well-known song ?

If you want to make a version of an original song, the steps to follow are the same as we mentioned to purchase a license of a famous song previously: contact the label and/or artist and ask them about it.

If your goal is versioning a song just to avoid paying the use license, that it is simply not recommended.
The economical amount of the compensation charged by the author is usually similar to what it would have cost the license to use the song. Therefore, if you want to make a cover, contact the owner of the rights first.

Can I find high-quality music without having to work about any copyright problem?

Certainly, you can opt for a music catalog – rather than a music market place- and in fact, that is often the best choice when it comes to choosing music for your commercials, for three reasons:

You will save time by not having to look for different ways to contact the artists or label, negotiate with them, etc.
You will save money since the licensing of these songs are much more affordable.
You will win in originality for your advertisement, because the music itself will not be the same as the ones played hundreds of times in other places, such as nightclubs, TV, the radio or the Internet.

Can I find custom music for my ad?

Undoubtedly, the best solution for your ad is to create a specific music or song that fit your brand image and the your target audience.
Just contact Music Macaron and the team will do the rest.

Can I find exclusive music for my ad?
Definitely, you can ask for exclusivity when you purchase the music rights of a custom music.
Just contact Music Macaron and the team will do the rest.

Which will be the cost for a custom music ?

You can use the cost calculator tool that you can find here


For your peace of mind and effectiveness purposes, you must always opt for licensed music. After all an ad it’s an investment and you must make the most of it.

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