Non-copyrighted Free music VS Royalty-Free music under licenses

Non-copyrighted Free music VS Royalty-Free music under licenses

Whether you’re making a company presentation, a promotional video or an advertisement, corporate videos always represent the image and the spirit of a company to the outside world. Far before choosing the quality aspects of the music, you must make a practical decision between “Non-copyrighted Free Music” Vs “Royalty-Free Music under licenses”.

“Non-copyrighted Free Music”

While this option is tempting because is totally free, it has several drawbacks:

No free music may be used for commercial purposes – for example in an advertisement.
The quality of the free music leaves a lot to be desired for a professional video.
You risk having your video blocked or muted by large platforms like Youtube.
You cannot be sure that this specific piece of music will not be copyrighted in the future and may change the terms of their license. In other words, you do not have any legal documents (as we would if we acquired a license).

“Royalty-Free Music under licenses”

If you use a song unlicensed you are facing the following risk:

Any social media platform can, without prior notice delete automatically the content that we have uploaded.
Any social media platform can disable your account if this situation is repeated over time.
Any publisher or artist canlegally pursue you for unauthorised use of music, with the disastrous consequences that such action would have on your company.


For your peace of mind and effectiveness purposes, you must always opt for licensed music. After all an ad it’s an investment and you must make the most of it.

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